Our Services

20 Davenport 5 Spindle Automatic Screw Machines    (Capacity to 7/8" diameter by 4-1/2" long) 

4 Brown & Sharpe Screw Machines   (Capacity to 1-3/8" diameter)

1 Tsugami NCM45 CNC Turning Lathe

3 Citizen L20 Swiss CNC Screw Machine

1 Omniturn CNC 

Attachments to complete a wide variety of operations:

* Thread-Rolling     Thread Cutting     Tapping
* Cross Drilling       Cross Tapping       Broaching
* Knurling               Roll Stamping       Burnishing


For Short Production Runs and Secondary Operations:

1 Davenport Chucker
A Multitude of Milling and Slotting Operations

Secondary Operations

* Vibratory Finish                     Snow Tapers
* Rotary Tumbler                    Manual Drilling & Tapping
* Wade Turret Lathe                Milling & Slotting
* Automated Assemblies           Hand Assembly
* 2 McKenzie Chip Separators     J&L Optical Comparator





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